Olaf Drummer Education Award

Olaf Drummer image

The Olaf Drummer Educational Award will be offered to one FACTA member each year to allow travel to international scientific meeting(s) relevant to the fields of forensic and clinical toxicology, and to visit laboratories relevant to the discipline. This award differs from the FACTA Conference travel grants, which provide funding for FACTA members to attend the biennial FACTA meetings.

The document serves as a guide for eligible applicants to prepare and submit an application for the Olaf Drummer Education Award, as well as the assessment process and recipient obligations for the awardee.

Previous winners of the Olaf Drummer Education Award:


• 2023 – Dylan Mantinieks

• 2022 – Bek Syrjanen

• 2021 – None awarded

• 2020 – Stephen Trobbiani

• 2019 – Jingya Yan