FACTA Conference

Dear Colleagues, 

I think we can all agree on one thing as toxicologists – that Adelaide FACTA2019 was a very successful conference. 

We really benefited from a strong scientific program which encourages all to aim that little bit higher in our field.  We also (I think) had a great dinner in which many people were able to relax and get to meet new people from many different parts around Australia and New Zealand.  We also would like to thank our overseas colleagues for attending and being part of our meeting including the UK, Austria, Singapore, USA and the Netherlands.   

If you were wondering about the numbers: 4 keynote presentations, 43 oral presentations, 7 Posters, 152 delegates, 5 FACTA travel grant awardees, 1 Olaf Drummer Education Award winner, 10 exhibitors and 6 major sponsors.  FACTA would also like to thank all of our sponsors and particularly Agilent, PM Separations and Novachem.  Look out for updates on the website including the program, photos and possibly presentations – we will seek permission from presenters to authorise access for members to a PDF of their presentations.   

We have also had a few changes to the board – with Mark Stephenson stepping down from his secretary role (replaced by Jennifer Schumann) and Miriam Grist also being relaced by Michaela Kenneally.  We welcome Matthew Hosking to our board and Amanda Thompson and Tim Smith will also be assisting with our newsletters and social media.  The remaining roles have been renewed with Tim Scott being re-elected as Treasurer, Shanlin Fu as Vice -President and me and President.  We also would like to thank our other colleagues for contesting the ballot and hopefully consider applying again in 2021.  We also would like to thank Mark and Miriam for their contribution the association – the work undertaken for FACTA is voluntary and we really do thank them for their commitment.   

A number of committees were also established and work will commence shortly – in line with the announcements at the meeting – stay tuned and if you are on one or more of these committees the chair will be in touch shortly – read more about this in the newsletter.  A number of other reports (including Secretary and Treasurers report) will also be available in the newsletter. 

We are planning ahead to 2021 and at this stage we are exploring Brisbane or Hobart as possible venues for our 2021 FACTA Conference.  I think it is fair to say our keynote speakers were exceptional in Adelaide and will be hard to top (sorry Simon!).  We again are going to engage ICMS Australasia with Lili and the team looking after our conference needs; they were absolutely tremendous and could not have asked for a better partnership for FACTA.  We are also likely to establish a FACTA Pill Testing Committee following discussions with David Caldicott.  While David is an excellent emergency physician I think we can assist him and others in saving lives by providing objective analytical evidence regarding the testing of substances from an expert viewpoint.   

Our next major conference which I really do encourage you all to attend is the meeting in Sydney – https://iafs2020.com.au/.  We are aiming for strong toxicology content (both oral and poster presentations).  Shanlin Fu (UTS), Thomas Keller (AUT), Naomi Speers (ASADA) and I are the discipline chairs for this meeting and we hope to see many of you attend this premier forensic meeting in September 21-25 at Darling Harbour in 2020.  Please note the key dates including close of abstract which is Jan 31, 2020.  Early bird registration closes Monday June 22, 2020.   

If you have any questions or comments please continue to contact us at secretary@facta.org.au 
Warm regards and for those attending – safe travels to TIAFT in Birmingham. 
Dimitri Gerostamoulos 
President, FACTA